Tamaki (Haruhi in Wonderland Ep) - Ouran High School Host Club


Tamaki Suoh's outfit from the wonderland episode. I've wanted to cosplay this outfit since I saw it first so i suppose 3 years later isn't bad XD I might actually be able to stay in character this time I don'thave totry and keepa straight face as me and that expression= serious fail andfits of laughter. Whoo I get to be flamboyant =3

This is another comissioned one though I'll be styling the wig myself and I think I'm going to make a couple of mushrooms for the mushroomy emo corner XP

BakaBakaRangers posted on 5 July, 2010 - 22:57
Ah~! Seriously, when are you doing this for~? Me and a friend are doing Hikaru and Kaoru from that episode in october 8D Can't wait to see it, tono ;D

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