Captain Unohana Retsu - Bleach


KitaCon 2010




I would have liked to have to make it, but after working out the price of material and other accorises it worked out cheaper to just buy the whole costeum. So my mum brought it me as a Christmas present.
Brought from Cosplay Magic, and came in just over a week. ^_^

Even though i have brought this cosplay i plan on making some accesories to go along with it.


Duo Maxwell posted on 4 September, 2009 - 15:11
I can't wait to see you in this cosplay!!! You will look awesome!!! *glomps* ^^

SakuraKatieChan posted on 7 September, 2009 - 16:46
*glmops back* Thankies, i'm looking forward to making it ^_^

Duo Maxwell posted on 26 December, 2009 - 14:00
Oh wow you so amazing hunnie ^^

My__RoadOfBlood posted on 12 October, 2010 - 11:25
This looks great :D