Felicia - Magna Carta: The Phantom Of Avalanche


London MCM Expo October 2007 MinamiCon 13 (2007) London MCM Expo May 2006

Delusional won an award at AmeCon 2004, and when Mewski wore it with me as Adora, we got 3rd place at London Expo May 2006


This costume was made by Delusional, and when she decided to part with it, I snapped it up! Mewski wore it along with me as Adora for London Expo May 2006, and I later made a few additions and wore it myself at MinamiCon 2007 and London Expo October 2007. It's all so pretty, I love the painted detail, and somehow I've managed to get a lot of nice photos while wearing this, so it's going up here!

It's all made from lovely satin, consisting of a boned bodice, zip up the back, and accurate seams and layers of fabric at the bust. The skirt velcros closed, leaving the split up the leg, and again has accurate stitching lines. The obi has foam inside for support, a separating zip to fasten it, and the bow loops on to it, concealing the zip. The bow has some foam support inside, and I also shoved some wire in there. The tail of the obi has pretty pretty silver painting. The sleeves have elastic in the tops, and more gorgeous paintwork, and the stockings are again beautifully painted.

I added some of the accessories, but really nothing notable is my work. I made those white wraparound sock things, added the objime, painted the straps on the shoes, and put ribbon around the sleeve tops. I got a wig from fml555 on ebay. I intend to use it for another costume which is why I haven’t cut it, although it could do with being slightly shorter at the front. I took the ponytail from the old wig and clipped it in. The little tuft on top just has a clear band around its base, so it's easy to get rid of.

The fan was the only thing that took me some time. It's made of card, and the design is drawn in permanent marker. Originally I threaded all the squares together, but it was hard to keep them secure and they didn't hang especially neatly for photos. So for attempt II, I sacrificed some accuracy and glued all the squares together. The lines of squares attach to the fan with split pins though, so they can still move a bit depending on the angle of the fan.

The other accessory…thing, is a combination of ribbon, card, spare wig fibre and a bead all strung together. It ties to a loop of elastic which I can slip over my hand, so it isn't just reliant on wrapping the ribbon around. That oval shape is ribbon too – it’s a roll of fancy wrapping ribbon which conveniently came coiled up in that shape, so I just painted it grey and added white ribbon on top.

Tsuchinoko posted on 8 June, 2010 - 14:51
I'll admit I don't know the character but this outfit design is really nice ^_^

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