Renji Abarai [RETIRED] (Shinigami) - Bleach




-About the cosplay-
My first ever cosplay! Me and Espada_6 wanted to cosplay Bleach at Expo and we decided to cosplay Division 6 (Renji and Byakuya) since they are more interesting and better looking pair to cosplay. Plus I started to grow on Renji, I just think he's awesome. It's also one of my most recognisable cosplays. Everything of this cosplay is brought. The only thing I made was the bandanna. The wig came styled but not good enough, so I re-styled it to make it look more accurate.

All my Renji cosplays are now retired as I have now grown out of Bleach and probably won't cosplay him again. However I will NOT be selling it away as I have so much precious memories with this cosplay that I don't wanna loose.

-About the character-
Renji Abarai is a Shinigami and the vice-captain of Division Six of the Gotei 13 under Captain Byakuya Kuchiki. His upper body is covered in tribal tattoos. The amount of tattoos has increased over time, starting from his early days as a Shinigami candidate to covering his entire back and much of the front of his body and his extremities. Renji is quite dynamic. He varies from smug and cocky to disquieted and depressed after his major defeats, but shows himself to be an incredibly serious and determined fighter when confronted with an actual challenge. Willing to fight, kill, and die for whatever he believes in, Renji is a dangerous man to those who stand in his way. Renji likes taiyaki (a popular fish-shaped pancake usually filled with sweet bean paste) and dislikes spicy food. Renji likes futsal, and in his free time works on assembling a team from the 6th Division, with success, more or less. Renji has a very close friendship with Rukia Kuchiki, they've known each other since they were children. Renji will risk and take his own life to protect Rukia. Renji's goal in life is to defeat Byakuya in combat. Renji's Zanpakuto is called Zabimaru, his bankai is called Hihio Zabimaru.

-Worn At-
London MCM Expo October 2007.
London MCM Expo May 2008.
London MCM Expo May 2009.
London Film and Comic Con 2009.


FlowerAssassin posted on 3 November, 2009 - 13:46
You'll always be the best Renji ever xD You're amazing~

Petchy-mon posted on 3 November, 2009 - 13:48
Thankies ^.^