Switch / Kazuyoshi Usui (School Festival waiter outfit) - Sket dance




About time I added this. A solution to the problem of how to do a Sket Dance group again with hitachiin when we're lacking our Bossun (Suno-chan). Quite possibly the easiest and cheapest costume ever as most of it came from either mine or hitachiin's closet with the exception of buying some black bag strap to create some kind of laptop holding contraption...


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Progress Journal

8th August 2009

~* Switch`s Journal *~ (/^-^)/ lolololol

Just a quick test shot I did once I got all the stuff together. All that's left to make still is some way to get Switch's crazy strap-around-the-shoulders-supporting-a-laptop set-up to work...without attaching anything to the laptop. Although I've had an idea involving the free conbag I got at minami as a support...hopefully it'll work or I'm back to just holding the laptop like I did at Expo. It's not that big a deal but it'd be more complete with it.

P.S. Forgive that journal title...urgh, I don't know how/why he can type like that XD