Ninja Gaiden - Dragon Sword

Cosplayer: hakuloveszabuza

Variant: DS - First costume

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

9th August 2009: Finally started Momiji costume After searching the internet for some ref pictures of Momiji from the DS game Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword I have finally started the costume.
The first thing I did was find a nice hair piece on E-Bay as my own hair isn't long enough. I will get my hair styled and dyed to go with the hair piece.
Next I decided to make the trousers as I had already had a pattern and making something simple would be a good start to getting things underway.
I found a great pattern for making Kakashi's ninja mask on so after ajusting the pattern to fit my own face I made the mask from black cotton jersey fabric.

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Anonymous - 9th August 2009
This is so cute!!! CAN'T WAIT HUN!

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Anonymous - 9th August 2009
cool cant wait to see this good luck

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Anonymous - 26th August 2009