Sonita Star (Sonistar) - Vocaloid





My own vocaloid for a meet up me and Torpille are planning

we're going to Willton lake Milton Keynes and having a picnic with our new cosplay group Vocaloid meet ups


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Progress Journal

12th September 2009

WIG! 2

wig arrived dis morn- although I had a day planned I have now done teh ribbon wrapping and am waiting for glues to dry. It will just be a more simpler version then planned cos i dont have long and cant find teh right beads
but it will be improved in time for next may's expo

10th September 2009


yeah i got my wig ordered- its long and pink and awsum!

i made sure to get next day delievery so I can get it done before the 26th

4th September 2009

MP3 thingy

Got bored and had a jewelry box handy ao made me a bluetooth mp3- influenced by Neru's phone

And I like the backstory- all about a fogotten past to do with "L" character (p.s. I dont like Death Note and has no relation to this)

15th August 2009

Just looked at the date

I have to get this all done by the 26th sept- prehaps i shud have made teh design more simple

aha whoops