Ichigo Momomiya (Mew outfit) - Tokyo Mew Mew


Best costume @ Tokyopop ReCon 2008




This was my first proper cosplay at about age 11 or 12, accurate enough for the character I guess! It was for a Tokyopop ReCon in Waterstone's in the MetroCentre, Newcastle which was my second event and before I found out about cons/expos.
The dress itself was a sale prom dress that we picked up for £3 and tucked up the bottom to make it the shape of Ichigo's outfit. The ears are handmade with a soft velvety material and stuck to a pink headband that blended in with the wig which was originally a cheap party wig, but I've managed to find a better quality one from ebay now so I hope to wear this again soon. The bell on the ribbon on the tail is real, you can hear it coming miles away!
Since I've grown a lot since this was made, the skirt goes up to my waist, so hopefully I'll let it down a bit, stick some wire into the tail and wear the new wig to an event this year (2011).


Telly posted on 17 May, 2010 - 18:55
For a first cosplay this is lovely! And BARGAIN! 3 quid for that dress is awesome, I love the shade of pink, very fitting. :)