Zelos Wilder - Tales of Symphonia


AyaCon 2005




Hoo boy. Someone get the First Cosplay Evidence Destroyer.

It was my first convention, so I had to cosplay. I absolutely loved Zelos Wilder from Tales of Symphonia so I chose him.

First things first, most of this costume was made by a friend of my mother's who works as a professional dressmaker in her spare time. Most of the effort from me that went into this was buying the right material. The jacket and trousers were made by her. The boots were plain white shoes with bits glued onto them. The gloves were plain black evening gloves with material sewn on top. The belt was a normal belt crudely covered in material.

My favourite part was probably the Cruxis Crystal, which was made from cardboard, sticky tape and a decorative gemstone from a game my parents had. It was then held in place with spirit gum. I loved it. Sadly it was destroyed when my parents decided to retrieve the gemstone for their game.

My second least favourite part had to be the wig. This is exactly why you *never* use a cheap party wig for cosplay. Never, never, never. It tangled like crazy, latching onto absolutely everything and everyone it could like some insane tentacle monster. Later on its destructive tenancies turned to the buttons on my sleeves, and started wrenching them out one by one. I didn't know about the existence of wig caps either, so my hair showed through the back. My dark eyebrows really contrasted with the bright red hair, too.

My least favourite part? The necessary removal of my body hair. Or rather, the flawed removal of my body hair that left me in extreme burning pain for the entire convention. This is the main reason why I have never worn him again.

I may look back on this and cringe, but the fact is that I don't regret wearing it. As it so happens, a lot of other people had decided to cosplay Tales of Symphonia for their first convention, so we formed a giant group on the day and have been friends ever since.


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