Yuri Volte Hyuga - Shadow Hearts Covenant


AmeCon 2006


Hokay, this was my second cosplay costume. At that point I considered SH:C to be my favourite RPG and Yuri to be my favourite protagonist, so I just had to cosplay him.

The jacket was originally white with studs and made for a female. Thus, I had to do a lot of modification. I dyed it brown, pulled out the studs and adjusted it a bit to make it fit me better. The cuffs were long strips of shiny material (I forget which specific one) folded over twice and then into the sleeve. The belt parts are strips of cut pleather and lacking actual metal buckles, the "buckles" are painted pleather. The trousers were just a pair of dyed jeans with the bottom cut in the V pattern.

The belts around his waist came from a charity shop and don't fit. The shoes were something that I already had, and these days they are a pain to walk around in. The pattern on the back of his jacket was cut out of felt and stitched on. His Malice pendant was made from modelling clay, a decorative red gem that I picked up from a homeware store and thin strips of pleather. I was also lucky enough to find a wig that was the exact style that I wanted. His satchel was made from an army pouch dyed brown (but ended up being a dirty dark green/brown) with two belts attached to it.

There are a lot of things about this costume that, in retrospect, I'm not happy with. Originally the belts across his chest were to be fastened with hooks, but they were too loose so I ended up using doubled-over sticky tape for the entire convention. The belts around his waist should be longer. The paint on the "buckles" is flaking off, and the Malice pendant looks pretty crappy when you examine it up-close. The jacket still doesn't fit properly and the zip on the trousers keeps falling down.

I intend to wear him again at Minamicon 14, but I'm going to do a lot of modifications to it.

- Velcro on the belt buckles so that they attach properly, and hopefully find some actual metal belt buckles too. Failing that, repaint the buckles.
- Re-do the Malice pendant with better material.
- Alter the jacket so it fits me better.
- Find a better satchel. I'm just not happy with the one I have.

The main reason I'm not fond of this costume is because I have to shave my chest every single freaking time I want to wear it. Curse the Japanese and their lack of body hair!

Sands posted on 28 November, 2007 - 00:49
Andrew this looks brilliant-you really suit the character! im impressed by the amount of modifying you did on it, kudos to you, youv done a really great job :) hope i get to see it at minamicon

Cosplex posted on 18 February, 2008 - 18:55
I remember this costume!... and getting stuck behind the katamari group in the masquerade!! great costume, hope to see it again someday!

Anonymous posted on 9 April, 2008 - 18:08
This is an awesome costume! I love the character and you pull it off really wel :)

Tak posted on 10 April, 2008 - 23:55
Insanely cool! I remember seeing this at Ame and being in awe. I hope you'll continue to wear this to cons. I can't wait to cosplay Shadow Hearts as a group (and I MUST complete the first one XD ARRRGH!)

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