Utena (Boy version) - The Adolescence of Utena


I've always had a soft spot for Utena. I empathise with the character a lot, and I love the designs from the series. It was inevitable that I would cosplay from it some day, and for my first bash I chose the black and white suit with short hair from the movie.

I adored the design of this suit, especially since I can, with minor alteration, get away with wearing it as quirky normal clothing. I'm also a sucker for androgyny so this "boy-styled" costume had immediate appeal.

The trousers were an interesting challenge. I hate making trousers for a number of reasons, primary among which is the fact that I have a very unfeminine figure and thus female trousers never fit unless they're hipster. I found a pattern that fit and experimented with the darts until they fit well (essentially I just had to remove most of the darts included in the pattern and all was well).

I like this costume. It's cool, stylish and comfortable.

Angelphie posted on 26 November, 2007 - 17:15
Such a smart suit! Really nicely made.

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