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DreamFinder (based on ride and 1993 cast members) a bit of my own take on him i think as not sure i can get all the fabrics i want. but will be SOOO much fun!!!

Figment will appear.


FairyPorchQueen posted on 28 July, 2009 - 18:12
OMG figmant!!! I love him >___<

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Progress Journal

the idea bag is full (Posted 18th April 2013)

Basically re sewed the left arm, stuffed a bit of it, stuffed the left glove and have sewen a hole in the under arm seam so my arm can come out and into the puppet. I just need to work out exactly where I need my arm, incase I need to sew up the hole a bit more. Will do this when I have the proper belly made, not just stuffing a cushion up my jumper.
I need to make a hole in the shirt too, which I just remembered.

Notes; WAISTCOAT, shoe covers (they have a name but i'm too tired to think) and NEXT LAYER OF COLOUR ON HAIRS.

I want to make a proper latex puppet as the Cast members used. I have the stuff but I'm working on litter proects with the stuff first to get a bit better. For expo I'm using my 90's plushie puppet I bought at a previous expo.

wig and arm holes (Posted 13th April 2013)

After much much much more research, I actually found a photo of the cast member where you could deffinatly see how they made it so they could have their arm through. It's actually more simple than I was going to do. Though my way I believe would be tidier, I think their idea is a LOT more practical and much easier to do, AND I get to redo the left arm was I messed up the sewing on - Win win win! hehe. Will do it tomorrow now I know what I want to do.
I can't wait to see certain little peoples faces this week. [|:{D} -haha see the top hat, and facial hair.

yesterdAY (Posted 11th April 2013)

I quite happily spent yesterday feeling ill and spent the day on and off sewing the jacket. yay.
i love it.

then today the wigbeard arrived :O already. It needs lightening (ye the impossible) and styleing a LOT.

just tried it all on mega quick and rough and remembered the fact I need my arm out of the sleeve for the puppet....... I can either just use my plushie or eit the jacket and use my large puppet... chooses* Do I really want to wreck the jacket? not really. Do I really want to use to the puppet - yes. hehe

70 year old pin cushion.. (Posted 9th April 2013)

haha, yup - because I couldn't put on the belly and pin the jacket at the same time I used the next best thing, something that was just the right shape... my dad hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaa. He was a sport and let me, was actually a great help. Anyway.. The 11 pieces for the jacket are cut out. The blue, the black lining and the re lining - I will change the red to a better colour I think. Going to wait and see what's it's like when it's sewn together.

That was a lot of effort for me.. now I nee my bed again.

EXPO? (Posted 9th April 2013)

Ok, some family are away in WDW and keep sending me emails from Imagination Station. Soooo yes, I've been on a bit of a Figment/DF mood. Anyway, maybe I will bring him to Expo. Though the wig is still the main thing. I have no idea what to do. I can either dye beard and wig, but i don't know.. I can't decide. Someone HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP hehehehe

Trousers.. (Posted 11th January 2011)

I sewed the trousers yesterday and today stithed the button. I think I did the turn ups to high, but that's easy to fix once I can try them on with belly.

Starting... (Posted 7th January 2011)

I had a bit of energy so I cut out the fabric for the trousers and templates for jacket. I then realised I don&#039;t actually have all the fabrics I need.
Ruth, Sew the trousers tomorrow :P

Ohhhhhhhh and last night me and puppet Figment, sang and acted to the ride theme. hehe.. on webcam to a certain person. :D It was fun fun funnnnnnnnnn! CANT WAIT to get this finished!!!!

Oops.... (Posted 6th January 2011)

I actually haven't neglected DreamFinder totally......
a year.. erm.. yeah...

Well, I have shoes.

I will MAKE myself do the Jacket and Trousers next week.Now i have written it I can't go back on it ;)

04 November 2009 b. (Posted 4th November 2009)

I tested the hat and Figment hehe...
I had help from my littel nephew. He loves the Figment and so we had fun, him doing Figments voice from the newest ride, and me doing DF from the original ride.

PHOTO - "There's sight.. SOUND - AhhhhhhhHHHH" (Figment on 'Journey into Imagination with Figment' ride)

04 November 2009. (Posted 4th November 2009)

My local fabric shop, have begun to get more costume/dress fabrics in. SO, with everything how it is, I rushed this morning and got a lift with ym sister.

Apparently they have run out of a lot of basic fabrics over Halloween. The usual guy helped me a lot and we had our usual F1 chat. They are waiting for their delivery, which the owner was chasing it up while we were there. I think by the time they get it I will have been to Southampton's large store.

No Black Satan OR Black Silk - so i couldn't even impervise.
No Purple fabrics what so ever.

I did manage to spend £4.99p/m on 5m of Blue ?????
So I can make the trousers and begin the jacket.

Oh and I got Blue ribbon for the hat. I have changed over the black ribbon to the blue.

03 November 2009. (Posted 3rd November 2009)

While at the MCM Expo on 24th October, I spotted a 'royal purple pigment'ed being.. I shouted some weird excited noice, something like "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEE" and ran over through a large crowd to the stall. IT.WAS.FIGMENT!!!! ANDDD what's more, he was a puppet - PERFECT, now I don't have to make one.

He is twice the size that I would have wanted, but I love him and will be using him. *Disney grins*

< Photo was taken that night in the hotel..

30 July 2009. (Posted 30th July 2009)

This afternoon, I made both gloves.
They are a bit of a mess. *hides*
They looked alright until I decided to mess about making them smaller. Oh and sewing lefthanded with the glove on my right hand (NOT CLEVER). I really don&#039;t learn when to stop!!

I&#039;m leaving them how they are, and hoping they don&#039;t fall apart after one wearing.

Before (Posted 28th July 2009)

My list now:

Replace Ribbon on Top Hat - DONE
Make Jacket -
Make New Trousers -
Make Waistcoat -
Add on pocket chain -
Make Bow Tie -
Make Shirt/Buy Shirt -
Make Shoe Covers -
Find out Shoes - DONE
Make Gloves - DONE
Buy Beard -

Make stuffed Belly -


Already have: (Official) Figment Plush
Top Hat.
Trousers (although I think they are too dark)

Replace: Ribbon on Top Hat.

Make/Buy: Figment&amp;#039;s yellow jumper.
White Bow Tie.
White Shirt.


2007: I put together a shirt, bow tie, top hat, trousers, and Figment for a Disney messageboard activity. Now I have a lot of time on my hands, I thought I&amp;#039;d get around to making the full costume.