Shadow Heartless - kingdom hearts


AmeCon 2007




I knew I wanted to do a Kingdom Hearts cosplay, but really didn't think I had enough talent or time to pull of anyone very elaborate. So it came to me that perhaps I should consider doing the one character everyone loves to kill. The Shadow Heartless. When I found a black 'zentai' suit on ebay, it was a done deal.

This however, was another costume that suffered from Amecon's beautiful weather - in order to make myself 'flatter' and to give myself a better shape, I had to wear another black bodysuit (tighter but with a vest-top rather than arms) underneath, which in the heat was killing me.

I had a surprising amount of trouble making the other parts of it too. The antennae didn't want to do a thing I told them (eventually resulting in me destroying them when I got home), and the boots took the majority of my time to make. I ended up making 4 different boots, all of various shape and decency, which had a small slip-on shoe inside the felt. Originally I wanted to give them a sole, but was lost on how to do that, so just went around with sandals wrapped around the felt until it was time for the Kingdom Heart photo shoot.

Funny story about this cosplay - I didn't make holes for the antennae until I was actually at the convention in the cosplay room. Nobody knew what I was...until I whipped on the mask and they saw the yellow eyes. Then they all smirked and nodded, and asked where the hell I'd found a full body suit ^_^.


Seriously, every time I do I throw it in the suicase again T_T


Komapsunida posted on 12 December, 2007 - 23:24
hehe thats amazing!! I just want to eat you *-*

CrystalNeko posted on 16 December, 2007 - 00:26
Woooow! Heartless! 8O I luffles it! It's so kawaii! [Yes I find Shadow Heartless cute xD... though annoying when loads gang up on you and disappear into the ground ¬_¬... But that's irrelevant xD]

Xauriga posted on 2 August, 2008 - 22:31
haha cool I actually had the same idea to make a heartless costume ^_^