Ellipsis - Saturnalia


AmeCon 2007




Since Saturnalia has been officially announced 'Dead' by the artist now that she's publishing an actual manga, I figured I'd tribute the end of my favourite web comic by cosplaying the heroine. Plus it gives me an excuse to bleach my hair white.

This costume was pretty easy in that I knew where to get pretty accurate, cheap shoes and trousers. All I needed to do was alter the trousers, stitch up the t-shirt collar, and make the chocker out of ribbon and a something called an Eyelet (which was the best find in cosplay shopping for me ever). All the money I put towards it pretty much went to buying all her collar bracelets.

This is also the last time I even CONSIDER using my own hair in a cosplay. Every time I do it looks awful, and I can't help but think the her hair bunches would have looked better with a wig.

Sadly, since Saturnalia is effectively an underground webcomic, nobody recognised me, and was somewhat put down by how uncomfortable wearing two pairs of jeans and leather collars was in boiling hot weather.


Mangamad posted on 31 May, 2010 - 15:16
I can see my Jaden cosplay in the BG. XDo-