Ursaring Gijinka (Hobo/Drunk) - Pokemon


London MCM Expo October 2008

none(but personal gratification)




i saw the original gijinka picture: http://www4.atwiki.jp/hitec/pages/256.html and decided there was NO WAY i was going to be a housewifeu! so i decided to make my own. i was going to just make a rough looking Ursaring,but then i thought "i know! ill make him a drunken Hobo!" and the idea stuck xD

i first wore this to Mcm Expo in london october 08,where i carried around a bottle of water in a paper bag. ther perfect prop xD i did the same at Kitacon 09 and entered the masquerade with it :D

i absolutely love this cstume. it was cheap and easy to make,but its so fun to wear. its one where i dont have to worry about my weight(which i usually do) and can be as grumpy as i want. it got a few cheers at Expo and always gets a few laughs :D

it has been given the affectionate name of Hobobear.:D i prefer it with the beard and will be growing my beard again for the last version,to be seen at Fuyucon 09


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