Sakura Kinomoto (Bunny) - Card Captor Sakura



Okay well this costume isn't really for any convention or expo or anything [well maybe in the future but not in 08]... It's just for my friend's sleepover as it's cosplay themed ^^ I was pondering for AGES on who to cosplay as... I went through loooads of different costumes and then when I was looking at Sakura's battle costumes... I came across one of the most adorable costumes ever! Which was her bunny one! X3 I don't like her normal bedtime clothes... It's too plain [and pink! D8] xD So I went with her bunny one as I suppose it could be used as bed clothes ^^

The red coat is done... Only it's HUGE! But hey I really can't be bothered to adjust it even more as I've already adjusted it loads and it looks terrible xD; [Why did I get my measurements wrong in the first place? T-T] I've also added the bunny ears and the ball of fluff onto the coat... which is annoying as I keep on getting it in my face! XD The hood was made just by tracing a hood from my old coat which worked! =D I look so 'gangsta' with my hood up! XD... The bunny ears kinda ruins the whole 'gangsta' look though XD;

The shorts are done and baggy... Unfortunately I didn't actually measure myself... So I just brought a metre and double layered the shorts... Then I realized I didn't have enough material to make them actually poof out! So yeah they're only slightly poofy xD; At least they're done ^^;;

And that's my Sakura costume done xD

Adziu posted on 9 January, 2008 - 12:23
Bwahaha, how cute!

Solaria posted on 24 March, 2008 - 17:17
Thanks for the comment on Jeanne! I wont be doing her till Midlands anyway xD So we should do Hao and Jeanne together! =D Also Kawaii Sakura!!!! <3

Solaria posted on 26 March, 2008 - 17:23
Yes we shall need to get them! *_* xD HaoxJeanne? xD

Missytetra posted on 29 October, 2009 - 11:57
How super super cute!!! It's a simple costume, but it's totally adorable! Some of Sakura's costumes are just so out there, but this one's just simple and cute. I love it ^^

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