Hana Asakura - Shaman King / Funbari no Uta

In Progress





I think i may try and make it in time for the next Somerset Cosplay meet. That gives me 3 days... <.<;;;;


Though i lack orange so itll be red instead XD

Started the dungaree's XD
The trouser part is basically done, just needs hemming and taking in a bit, then i'll add on a front and make the 2 straps and sew them on. Then teh pocket XDXD
Then i'll see if i can get some glue on monday so i can try an use a card base and papermache the prop <.<;;; XDXD
FUN haha XD

I couldnt sleep last night so i did some more, not much though, its hard to sew when you're tired XD I hemmed the top of the trousery part and took it in, i started hemming the top part thatll be sewn onto the front.
May have that finished by the end of the day if im not lazy XDXD

I got up really early today so i thought id do some sewing cause i couldnt go back to sleep. Attached the top to the bottom (haha XD) and have sewn teh pocket on (biggest pain in the derriere EVAR!). Just got the straps to go and hemming the bottom of the trousers.
Attatching the pocket took longer than i thought it would... i kept getting my stitching wrong (in my defence it was about 7am) and i had accidently sewn it to my quilt cover teh first time round >.<;;;;;;;;;
oops <.<;;;;;;
haha XD
At least it was funny ^^ Moral of this story is to not sew whilst in bed XDXD
Ooooh this was a long update... <- this is making it longer.
I should stop now but i dont want to.
Ramble ramble ramble.
I dunno if i can be bothered to make the antiquity (yes, ANTIQUITY, because its to early to remember what its actually called >.<;;; )
*falls asleep*

Made and attached the straps last night whilst watching Top Gear.
All thats left is to hem the bottom of teh trouser part and make the ANTIQUITY <- this time im calling it that because i just cant remember XDXD


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