Misa Amane (Movie version) - Death Note: The Last Name


Actually I first debuted it at the Bristol Comic Expo in May 07... but that wasn't one of the options so the next time I wore it was in the London Expo in May xD

Well I was VERY inexperienced [actually I'm inexperienced now! But hey I was a complete n00b back then xD]... So this was mainly brought. I added lace to the top just to do something to it... Otherwise it was all brought! I got the skirt from a discount from my friend's mum who worked at Debenhams... the stripy socks I got from Peaches, top from Primark and ribbon and lace from Fine Fabrics. Oh and the shoes were basically my school shoes xD

Just found some old photos... So thought I'd may as well put some of my OOOOLD costumes up on here! XD

This costume is RETIRED!

Anonymous posted on 16 December, 2007 - 19:35
i swear it looks like your wearing make up in that picture... and i have evil red eyes-yay

CrystalNeko posted on 16 December, 2007 - 19:54
*pokes you in the ribs* You know i'll never wear make-up! O_O It was boiling hot! XD And you have my Misa skirt now *sniffles*

Anonymous posted on 20 December, 2007 - 18:50
i know you wont baka. but it doesnt mean you dont look like your wearing any. yay for the misa skirt and sluttiness XD well not really but anyways

Anonymous posted on 24 January, 2009 - 03:53
awwww im in the midst of a light cosplay, its a shame ure so far away. we cudve had so much fun killing people together lol

Anonymous posted on 22 March, 2009 - 18:51
We look so young there! I wanna go back to being 13 and looking like an 8 year old...XD this pic made me lol when I just looked at it.

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