Elie - Groove Adventure Rave


AmeCon 2004




I absolutely love Groove Adventure Rave and it was thrilling to cosplay as Elie.

Because this was one of my first costumes I went the beginners way and just used old clothes. I added the red lining to the top and hand sewed the Heart Kreuz symbol onto it which took me hours! I shortened the denim skirt (hello? this is Elie we're talkin about here, a long skirt just wouldn't do!) and just used an old belt for the Love Believer. The Tonfa Blasters were made from an old broomstick. I painted them red and used that funky Grip material stuff that you use for hockey sticks and wrapped it around the handles. I already had a pair of black boots that did the trick. Next time I wear this I hope to have a plushie of Plue *^_^*


JakeX posted on 14 April, 2009 - 17:17
:O!!!! you had the Tonfa's!!! Awesome!!! (steals first comment slot)