Costume :Black Jack
Variant :Manga
Source :Black Jack: Osamu Tezuka
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Test shots

The man himself.


Costume Information

One of my favorite ever Manga characters, but he always gets over-looked! Anyway I love the character a lot so I decided to make a quick cosplay, mainly as a homage to the surgeon with the hands of God. ^_^
Hopefully get some pictures next week.


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Good to see another Black Jack fan about ^^

by Manjou on Monday, 20 July, 2009 - 01:40
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Yeah! I love how it manages to be depressing and hilarious at the same time, really a great piece of work. ^^

by Deceipher on Monday, 20 July, 2009 - 01:46
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Look at you updating yourself :) get these photos done ^^

by Captain_Marvelous on Sunday, 2 August, 2009 - 15:05
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Am I right in assuming you have the Honds of Gad??
You look awesomes :D

by Fables on Friday, 28 August, 2009 - 16:58
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Oh, I really like this! I don't think I've ever seen a Black Jack with the manga colours, but you look fantastic!

by Pippin4242 on Thursday, 13 October, 2011 - 21:55