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PrincessMark organised a Disney group for London Expo October 2007, and originally I was thinking of doing Tinkerbell. However, I didn't have much enthusiasm for it, with the difficult of the wig and wings, so I decided to choose something simpler and cheaper. The idea of Peter came from Ashe, and I decided to go with that since it would be easy to make, I already had the wig, and the rest of the materials would be cheap. An added bonus was it being a pretty humorous costume choice for me, especially since I kept it mostly secret and a few people still thought I was going to be Tink on the day!

The tunic is scandalously short. That's the most outstanding aspect of the entire costume! I felt comfortable enough with two pairs of tights though. It's made from my favourite standby of cheap polycotton. I like to line polycotton for best effect, and I also needed to line this costume anyway for the zig-zag hems, so two birds with one stone there.

The hat is also polycotton, interfaced, and the feather cut to the right shape and glued on. The hat attaches to the wig with a few stitches, and I already had the wig. The ears are from Hightower Crafts. They were the most expensive part of the costume at £6.50 (the rest only added up to £12...tights and ears were the most pricey parts lol)

I made the belt from leatherette I had spare, it snaps closed at one side, and the fastening is hidden by the dagger sheath which just loops on. The dagger itself was from a £shop.

I got a pair of base shoes from Primark for £1, they're essentially plimsolls, but that was perfect when all I needed was a sole to build off, and the canvas fabric on the rest of the shoe was great since I could easily sew to it. The fabric for the covers is a nice suedette from the remnant bin. The fabric is hot glued to the shoes, and was also hand stitched for security with a curved needle. The cuffs have craft foam inside for keeping their shape.

It may not have been amazingly cheap overall since I still had to buy a lot of the supplies, but considering the cost of fabric in my area, I'm happy I only spent £18.50 total.

ryaoki posted on 21 April, 2008 - 20:51
awsome peter pan cosstume dude your brave

stripey_dani posted on 21 April, 2008 - 21:02
I loved the Disney costumes ^^ Such a good Peter!

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