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My secret summer cosplay XD
An e-cookie for anyone who guess correctly XD


Haruhi Fujioka (final dress)

Started work on the dress today, the main body just needs to be hemmed and then the sleeves need to be sewn on.

05/07/09 #2
Hemmed the main body and cut out and sewn up the sleeves. I hate the sleeves. Grrrr. Hate em hate em hate em.

05/07/09 #3
I did some work last night (hence why its yesterdays date not todays).
Made the collar-y thing XDXD I'll prolly buy another m of black fabric today so i can make teh book covers and hopefully re-attempt the sleeves.

I bought some more black fabric yesterday, so i can start doing some more work. yay XD


Charlie-Bear posted on 5 July, 2009 - 15:32
Give us a clue! I'm excited to see this I wanna know 8D All I know is that its a girl! (Unless its a dude who wears a dress - Mandress!)

Brinny-Chan posted on 5 July, 2009 - 15:35
...I kinda wish it was a guy now, mandress ftw!!! But yes its a girl... and what sort of clue T-T I suck at clues T-T She's from a popular anime/manga/game....

CrystalNeko posted on 5 July, 2009 - 19:15
Is it Haruhi Fujioka in her last last episode dress when she's running off on a horse? XD

Brinny-Chan posted on 6 July, 2009 - 09:20

Kirei posted on 12 July, 2009 - 10:29
I saw the question marks and for a brief moment, I hoped you were going to do the riddler.. Oh well ^-^ Can't wait to see it! Whatever it is..