Costume :Ema Skye
Source :Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

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Complete with lab coat

Progress - 25/07/09

Progress - 24/07/09

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Costume Information

Cost : £14 (so far)

Ouch, one of my more expensive costumes, apparently, though I've barely started...

A friend recently made me play some of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, and I loved it instantly, especially Ema with her constant use of snackoos as projectiles. Sinec I have the right colour hair and all, this costume should be quite simple, though making trousers will be...interesting.
I'm wussing out on some of this costume and buying bits - the shirt and glasses - and stealing a lab coat from a friend.

And yes, I will have a large bag of sncks to throw at people ^_^

Edit: Wow, luckilly my mother just happened to buy me a pair of brown trousers. I'm just going to fold them up at the bottoms and use them for this costume ^_^


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Uwah, it looks awesoem so far XDXD
But i think you're right... you will DIE at the beach if you wear that XDXD

by Brinny-Chan on Saturday, 25 July, 2009 - 18:12
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Wow, you're looking really great :) You suit her!

by Lady Bahamut on Saturday, 25 July, 2009 - 18:56
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.....You need snackoo's XDXD

by Brinny-Chan on Saturday, 25 July, 2009 - 19:51
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Whoa you even made the trousers? That's dedication, it looks pretty much perfect so far can't wait to see the finished product.

by HotshotShan on Thursday, 13 August, 2009 - 14:11
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you make a really good ema! love the waistcoat!

by gaming_goddess on Saturday, 11 June, 2011 - 08:52
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Amazing :3

by TheGyroCaptain on Sunday, 22 April, 2012 - 14:17
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this is really good :)

by dan-dan on Friday, 26 April, 2013 - 22:22