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My friend and i have started up a Steampunk group, after seeing many wounderful cosplays from the different events we have been too, and he was intrested in doing a steampunk cosplay for a while.

For my character i have gone along the lines of a Medic/Nurse as it is rarly done, as well as being second in charge of the "Tempus Fugit."

I have got the costuem planned out and designed just got to get fabric and start sewing it together. ^_^

27th Oct 09: Got the base of my steampunk cosplay done in time to take it to the London Expo. Now i need to make/get some props and add to it for Kitacon and May Expo of next year.

9th Dec 09: After some thought i have decieded to totaly remake the costume, as much as i like it i am not happy with the way turned out and it looks more medieval then steampunk.
So with my friends help have come up with a design i really like, and looks more steampunk-ish, and am looking forward to starting it. ^_^


White Tigress posted on 1 July, 2009 - 17:42
Im definatly looking forward to seeing this :)

Progress Journal

9th December 2009

New costuem in the works

AS much as i like my old design i have decied that i am going to totally make a new one and make it more Steampunk-ish.
With my friends help we have come up with a design that i really like. and carn't wai to start it sooon.

31st July 2009

Made a Start.

Whoo, finally made a start on this cosplay, made an underskirt to go under the main dress part.
It's looking good so far, just need to hem the bottom and add the elstice to the wasteband then that part done. ^_^