William S. Preston Esq
Bill + Ted's Excellent Adventure

Cosplayer: Shenny

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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Anonymous - 11th July 2009
no way bill rocks too

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Sephirayne - 13th July 2009
Most excellent *air Gituars*

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Uni - 19th July 2009
You watched the movie last night didn't you?


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Shenny - 19th July 2009
and this morning XD

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Paprika - 25th July 2009

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Anonymous - 30th July 2009
A most excellent cosplay! I fear you may get uber glomped by the masses ^^;;

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Debbie Ella - 27th October 2010
Will there ever be any pics of you IN this? xD It's too epic to leave us with just that t-shirt teaser!

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Shenny - 28th October 2010
No! Mainly because I looked horrible in it and I have yet to find any photos of me actually wearing it :P

Some day when I have my Ted

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Debbie Ella - 28th October 2010