Steampunk - Steampunk inspired outfit




I like the Steampunk style and wanted to try and recreate something vaguely similar. It's not wonderful but I'm relatively happy with it. This was the most difficult outfit of the lot that I made for Aya Revolution 09 because of the belts and some disagreements with my sewing machine. ^^;


Captain_Marvelous posted on 20 August, 2009 - 13:02
Bow cut tops are the staple of Steampunk female attire :) you guys look great :)

Pigmypie posted on 22 August, 2009 - 00:18
Aw, thank you so much - it was my first attempt at anything like this so I figure it turned out reasonable considering xD My friend looked really great in her kimino/lolita dress though, shes a cutie! ^__^