Vegito (Super Saiyan) - Dragon Ball Z




Now this is a cosplay I'm deliberately taking time on, since Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are one of my favourite animes of all time (apart from all the hype, spinoffs, sequels, fanfics and some of the movies).

For those who may not know Vegito, he is the fusion of protaganist Goku and anti-hero Vegeta after they each wear one of the Potara Earrings in order to defeat Majin Buu. Yeah, if you dont understand that, you probably wont understand the series anyway. Basically he is the strongest character in the series, ever.

The idea to cosplay Vegito came from agees ago when I bought a Super Saiyan Wig from eBay. This was waay before I even thought about cosplay, so its was cool to have anyway. After discovering cosplay and enjoying it, I have now decided it is finally time to fulfill the use of the Super Saiyan wig. However I didn't want one of the main characters as too many people cosplay them anyway.


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Progress Journal

3rd August 2009


Yay! Vegito's done! Bought some clip-on earrings, so it's all good. Also the gloves I got are longer than the ones in the previous picture, so they look much better.

2nd August 2009


I go looking for a reference picture for the potaras I'm making tomorrow, and find an online site selling them. No time to order them though, as I only have under 2 weeks to go 'til Ayacon! Ah well, if I wear Vegito to October's Expo, I'll have plenty of time to buy them if I wanna.

29th July 2009

ID GET! Vegito's coming to Ayacon!

Woohoo! ID came through the post, so on my day off tomorrow I'm gonna be finishing off costumes for AYACON!!!!

Still havent made the potara's, but I'll be getting the materials tomorrow.

28th July 2009

The waiting game...

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've put all of my costumes on hold for now (even though they're virtually done) until I finish getting an ID to get into AyaCon. Should arrive by the end of this week, then I'll get onto finishing these things off.

Vegito's near enough done, I just gotta find a way of making those darned potaras. The new gloves look great, I'll be uploading another pic once I know whether I am going to Aya or not.