Tamama (Gijinka) - Keroro Gunsou


London MCM Expo May 2009

Entered the masquerade (MCM expo May 2009)




Another group cosplay I did with Berserk667, this time we organised the group ourselves.

The idea was that we were all human variants of the Keroro Platoon. I donned a Karate Gi to represent Tamama's fighting spirit, and also carried around the "Desuu Note", from the Death Note parody episode.

Our group consisted of GadgetPhantom as Keroro, myself, Berserk667 as Giroro, RedKira as Dororo, Foxy as Garuru and Selph as Koyuki. We messed around outside taking photos for so long, we only got into the Expo in time for the Masquerade!

I'm not intending on cosplaying Tamama again, but if there's a chance, I probably will...


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