Hikaru Hitachiin - Ouran High School Host Club


AmeCon 2007

First Place Omake Performance




To be honest, I'd never considered cosplaying anything from Ouran at all before summertime 2007. I wasn't really big on the manga and didn't have any interest in seeing the anime.

Oh, how things change. At a pre-con "let's get to know people in our area!" meetup, my sister and another member of the meetup agreed on the idea that doing a skit to Take That's "Shine" with the Ouran cast would be funny, and when my sister pulled me and a friend over, and the other one pulled her group over, we had a perfect 7, and we all slipped rather easily into being our hosts.

My sister and I being the Twins, of course.


Felixize posted on 12 November, 2007 - 16:52
Just out of curiosity, am I 'the other one'? XD And yeah, I don't think we tell you enough how much of an awesome job you did on the jackets - and still continue to do, even though they're PERFECT!