Ariel (Mermaid) - The Little Mermaid




The little mermaid has always been my favourite (in fact it was the first video I ever bought almost 20 years ago, blimey I sound old now >.< lol!)so I knew after a recent visit to Disney world I just had to do her. It was fun spending the whole day pretty unable to move >.< and getting carried on by my cosplay buddy Jake (except I was way too heavy for the poor guy). I will definately have to take her on holiday with me to Cornwall this summer and get some beach shots.


SherlockHulmes posted on 11 November, 2007 - 21:57
You're not heavy. Jake is only a wee boy so his muscles haven't developed yet. You need a real man next time! XD Shame we didn't know you were doing this, October Expo was disney Characters galore!

Sands posted on 14 November, 2007 - 02:10
oh my days kex, beach shots would look awesome!!! i love this costume you looked stunning

Tak posted on 16 November, 2007 - 15:02
Oooooh this was you! Stunning, stunning, stunning. It's a beautiful costume.

BlusterSquall posted on 7 December, 2007 - 21:24
I remember seeing you in October! I love your costume, its so perfect! I think having Flouder really gives it a kick too!

MoonLily posted on 8 March, 2008 - 19:45
Ahhh! Really beautiful Ariel cosplay! <3 ^_^

Anime_Angel posted on 12 April, 2008 - 20:57
nice cosplay there^_^ How the hell can you walk without taking off the tail lol

Captain_Marvelous posted on 24 February, 2009 - 10:25
Really awesome ^.^ no guy will ever tell you but this was probably most peoples first animated crush ^,^ even the guy from american pie says so ^.^ really awesome!!!

Bunni posted on 25 February, 2009 - 17:54
aww thanks, I might take her to Ayacon this year if the weather is on our side.

Defrain posted on 25 February, 2009 - 18:37
cant wait for our little mermaid shoot gunna own

FairyPorchQueen posted on 14 May, 2009 - 13:23
You have a fantastic range of cosplays, i cant wait to see some of them.

Alyx posted on 13 April, 2010 - 20:15
Beautiful <3

Mermaid2love posted on 21 November, 2013 - 00:52
have you joined "The Little Mermaid Cosplayers" group on Facebook ? please join in the swim