Sleeping Beauty/Kingdom Hearts

Cosplayer: Lozzie

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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Anonymous - 26th June 2009
OMG!!! This is just so amazing! Maleficent is one of my Favourite Villains or all time and this is just amazing D: So super sexy~ I love it! ILU!~!~

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Lozzie - 26th June 2009
Thankyou so very much! I appreciate it :D

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CrystalNeko - 26th June 2009
This is AMAZING! O_O Ahhh I wish I was there to see this for real~

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Sephirayne - 26th June 2009
Oh wow! That looks spot on. I really can't wait to see this in person.

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ThisIsLisaB - 26th June 2009
Wow. Just.. WOW.
Absolutely amazing! You've done a wonderful job on this!

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OrgXIII-Namine - 27th June 2009
WOW looking awesome hunnie! :D I love love love it~!!

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Anonymous - 27th June 2009
That is fantastic. Fabulous costume, m'dear. :D

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Lozzie - 27th June 2009
Thankyou for all your lovely comments!! I really really appreciate it! <3

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Kacela - 27th June 2009
wow this is amazing ^^ u look fantastic!

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angel aiko - 27th June 2009
:o EPIC! i will spack if i see this i do warn you nows

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sjbonnar - 27th June 2009

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Anonymous - 6th July 2009
It's Maleficent aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh just kidding its a wicked costume well done

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Anonymous - 7th July 2009
ooooh! fave disney villian comes tolife? haha EPICNESS in this cosplay awesome work =D

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FairyPorchQueen - 19th July 2009
o.....m.....g wooowoowowow, i love disney you are so much liek her its unreal! i want to see it in real life >___<

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Manga Girl - 21st July 2009
Wow, wow and WOW! :D

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JakeX - 18th August 2009
i remember and i loved hanging out with u!!!
You did a lovely job as maleficent!!!!!

not easy being green :P

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kirokitsune - 18th August 2009
This was AMAZING! you looked so awesome, I loved it. Your performance in the Masquerade was fantastic!

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jaks-kingdom-dwarf - 18th August 2009
I love this she is one i have always wanted to do but i never got round to do her T_T i love how you've made it ^^

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gaming_goddess - 23rd August 2009
My favourite bits have to be the headdress and the cape! Capes are awesome full stop but the headdress was amazing coz it was squiggy :)

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Manjou - 23rd August 2009
Glad you liked my photo (yes that is my photo) Awesome cloak is awesome

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Lozzie - 23rd August 2009
Yayyy! Thanks so much Manj! I love it. The cloak looks like flames swooshing about! SWOOOOOOOSH...WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSHHH SSHHHWWWOOOOOO like that

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Anonymous - 24th August 2009
DAMN GURL! WHY YOU SO FINE!!! ;___; i missed thisssss, no fair! you look stunning! so sexy!

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Lozzie - 24th August 2009
Im not as fine as you <3

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Minxie - 24th August 2009
I saw you at Aya and I think if I remember rightly I either got down on my knees or just squee-ed inanely whilst dressed as a sailor senshi. I really, REALLY love your Maleficent costume, you look totally, totally amazing!

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Lozzie - 24th August 2009
Aww Minxie thankyou so very very much! Im glad you like it. Im gonna be wearing it for Expo and i cant wait. I didnt have time to do the make up quite as i would have liked, so im gonna make sure i get it right next time! <3

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sonia_leong - 24th August 2009
I gasped when I saw you on stage - so swooshy and magnificent *w* Beautiful and spot on, really looking forward to seeing this again at Expo!

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Lozzie - 24th August 2009
Thanks Sonia! I didnt get chance to talk to you at Aya. I only went in the Dealers room once and that time you were at your stall but you had lots of people there so i didnt want to bother you!

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Anonymous - 26th August 2009
This was truely magnificent! i loved those too horns XD
You were amazing one stage too! me and my friends loved it! 83

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Anonymous - 31st January 2010
:O !!!!! <3<3 Oh wow! fave disney villian ever! love how this turned out xx

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Lisu-chan - 31st January 2010
That's one ridiculously awesome Malificent you have there! =O

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Jae - 1st February 2010
I love this so much! It's amazingg~!

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Jae - 1st February 2010
I love this so much! It's amazingg~!

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FuriePhoenix - 12th December 2010
wow... that's all I have to say

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Anonymous - 27th January 2011
this is just, wow well done it looks amazing

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Lozzie - 28th January 2011
Thankyou so very much =3

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Pandora-Chi - 13th September 2011
:O Why have I never commented on this before!!??? You look amazing as Maleficent!!! epic! just epic!! 8D

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Lozzie - 14th September 2011
Thankyou Ellen!! *hugs* your words are so kind!! xxxx

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BlueberryTale - 18th March 2012
This looks fantastic! You did an amazing job :D

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Lozzie - 18th March 2012
Thanks so much <3