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Really looking forward to making this costume, mostly because of how challenging it will be. I'm probably going to start on the sword soon, because I like weapons =3

EDIT: Have now made the base for the sword, started on the armour, skirt and bra-top thing. Really worried about how naked I'm gonna be v.v' I'm gonna add a lot to the top to make myself feel a little better XD *hides belleh*

Wahh, I forgot so much on the day! My wig didn't work, so I had to borrow one off Rachel, so the hair wasn't quite right. I forgot my yellow body paint at home. And I just clean forgot about the thing around the neck >.< And in all of the pictures I have I had gotten annoyed at the arm bands and so had taken them off >.> will probably attempt to do this again and get a more complete set of photos for this costume...


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