Yuna` (Songstress) - Final Fantasy X-2




Charlie and I cosplayed the songstress dress spheres for Rikku and Yuna, however my costume was pretty poor at the time, so I'm remaking certain elements including:
- Arm bands
- Boots

Also, seeing as my hair is growing into a right length I might swap my wig for my real hair (have to dye it first of course) because in photoshoots I don't want my wig to melt in this heat lol.


Zelda posted on 26 October, 2010 - 17:50
Can't wait to see this. You will make such a lovely yuna.

Kerhys posted on 27 October, 2010 - 09:37
Thanks! I already wore it at Expo in May, but I wasn't very happy with the job I did P: so I'm remaking most of it ^^;

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Progress Journal

21st May 2010


Right this moment I am in the dying process with my Yuna top. I hope it turns out well...

16th May 2010


I spent a good 45 minutes trying to get these babies into my eye sockets.
I hate having things near my eye, and I've never worn contacts before x_x
That being said I think they look okay, the green one doesn't look so green at the moment but I reckon that's the lighting.
They are very uncomfortable right now T_T