Cosplayer: Bunni

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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Defrain - 23rd April 2008
le Séx lol joking great costume kez what one you got planned for expo in may ?

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Anonymous - 23rd April 2008
ohhhh i love this costume! >_< kezzy!!! you wearing this for may? i hope so!

lovin' it lovin it!

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Ikkaku-kun - 23rd April 2008
schwoah. awesome felicia must re-do sometime ^^ i onli just remember it :P

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stripey_dani - 23rd April 2008
Hehe I remember you wearing this at Oct 06! I was too scared to say how much I liked it xD

You look amaziiiing!

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Anonymous - 16th June 2008
OOoh Felicia <3

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Mangamad - 17th October 2008
Did you wear this at Amecon?

You looked great anyway. Coolness! ^o^v

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Bunni - 18th October 2008
Yup that was me ^_^ who knew august could be so bloody cold!
I am having to shelf this costume for a while it's getting pretty knackered and needs a few repairs >.< I want to do an improved version when I have some time, Felicia is one of my all time favourite characters!

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Mangamad - 19th October 2008
It was just the unfortunate weather we was having. ^^;

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Defrain - 11th March 2009
its a shame your not coming to minami we could have used you and your felicia in our capcome vs snk group but ill bring dan back with me to gravesend and we will have to have a dan and felicia shoot ;)

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Missytetra - 2nd April 2009
Ah you look amazing!! I love Darkstalkers and Felicia is awesome ^^ (Lilith or Morrigan for me thanks too XD) You look great, and it looks really well put together and it suits you as well! (How did you make those paws and feet? They're awesome!!) It's a shame it's a bit knackered, but I hope that you will do a remake or fix it up because you look so cute! <3

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BlusterSquall - 30th November 2009
Aww~ the new pictures are really cute. ^___^ The blue hair suits you~

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callmemilo - 30th November 2009
well that is just too damn hot, lol

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Defrain - 30th November 2009
felicia is capcom wheres our merry christmas lol

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Anonymous - 30th November 2009

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sjbonnar - 27th June 2011
Still the best Felicia ^_^