Mikuru Asahina (Battle Waitress Mikuru) - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya




It was my first expo so I decided to buy my cosplay ^////^ It was really fun wearing this costume...though fairly short >_< lol!



JakeX posted on 23 June, 2009 - 15:14
still wish i saw this on the day T-T Mikuru is so cute!!!

J-Po posted on 6 November, 2010 - 20:51
i saw your forum post id love to see how this one turned out im looking at making this or getting it commissioned lol

Youkai-Neko posted on 10 November, 2010 - 21:12
I'm planning to make this for myself once I have some more money. The original one I bought randomly had a purple apron for some reason XD

Ranmaru cosplays posted on 14 October, 2011 - 11:51
hi if u ever sell this cosplay i think of but off u and am hope of cosplay as her at some point lol