Sentret (Gijinka) - Pokémon




So yeah, to accompany my sister with her Luxray gijinka, I decided on a Pokémon of my own. I decided on one in which I wouldn't need a wig. Yah, I'm lazy like that ;3
So... Sentret, a Normal-type Pokémon. I might bring the card along, hanging around my neck for a reference for others ^w^
I'm thinking of doing it based on my own design. It IS kinda simple, but I'm really not all that talented with a sewing machine so simple's all I can manage.
The hardest part should be making the tail but I think that won't be TOO challenging. I practised it by making a bunny plushie (Every small-scale tail attempt was then turned into an ear or limb). Needless to say, the bunny kind of failed, but I learnt quite alot.
Let's do this.


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