Emmett Cullen (Vampire baseball) - Twilight


To be worn at LFACC 09.

This costume isn't actually for me, its my boyfriend's but I am the one making it. Plus as it is his only costume he didn't think there was much point making his own profile.

Tracksuit: Navy velour "Venom" tracksuit bought from Pop London Limited for £21.98 including P&P. For this I had to remove all the original detailing which can be seen in my gallery. The twill was on the front of the jacket as well as down the sides and across the back, it was also down both sides on the bottoms aswell. The cuffing around the sleeves and bottom of the jacket both had to be removed to add properly cuffing material to both. I wasn't able to find any cuffing material at the fabric shop so instead went out and bought a cheap tracksuit jacket from a charity shop and removed it from there instead. The red lines were added using 3-d red paint. For the red detailing on the jacket sleeves, front and back I bought red polyester piping and doubled over the flange as it isn't actually sewn into the jacket just on top of it, the same will be done with the bottoms but still awaiting for the piping from ebay. The jacket also needed to be shortened and a new zip added which was a pain cause I detest zips.

Price List:

Venom tracksuit: £21.98 including P&P from ebay.
Red polyester piping: £6.49 (25metres) including P&P from ebay.
Trainers: £15 from Matalan.
Plain white flexifit baseball cap: £13.49 including P&P from ebay.
Cullen crest leather cuff: £14.99 from Play.com
Thread: £5 for all different colours
Zip: £2 from fabric shop
Jacket for cuffing: £4
Honey coloured Freshlook Colourblends lenses: £12 from contactlenses.co.uk
Haircut: £3.50
Shave: However much a razor costs now a days.

Sephirayne posted on 21 June, 2009 - 20:56
Looking good so far. I can't wait to see the finished job.

Finish adding red pinstripes to Emmett baseball cap
Add piping to bottoms
Stitch Fila badge onto jacket

Total cost: £0.00

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