Adeleine (The Artist) - Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards





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Progress Journal

1st July 2009


This outfit is complete. I will be taking pictures this weekend with friends.

27th June 2009


I finally completed this simple cosplay. Images will be appearing soon.

18th June 2009


With things just around the house, this is almost complete. I don't have any pictures to upload, but I at least can tell. I've got the shoes, shorts, and under shirt in hand.

I need the green over-dress shirt with a yellow button to pin near the center (I will get it the next time I am out shopping), a black wig (hell...not wigs again -.-;), and a red artist-style hat. I found the hat on eBay for a cheap price I might purchase :3

Edit @ 10:47 pm
I did some late night shopping and purchased a red french styled hat :3 Now I have the RED HAT, shoes, under shirt, and black shorts (remember, I'm not doing the skirt from the original, I am doing one with shorts)