Cosplayer: Angelphie

Status: Complete

Condition: Ready to wear

14th March 2022: For the shoes, I deviated from the reference because I can't wear shoes without an ankle strap, and if I was doing my own thing anyway, I decided I wanted unicorn heels so I chose some high stilettos and shaped some worbla and foam as I'd done for the headpiece and made a spiral to slip over the heels. The swirls on the toes are also foam covered in worbla. The feathery shapes on the sides are two pieces of satin sandwiched around some felt that acts as interfacing. I used bondaweb to stick it all together then satin stitched the edges.

14th March 2022: The fascinator is foam covered in felt to give a white base that would take glue well for the feathers. The unicorn horn is more worbla wrapped around thin craft foam and finished with metallic paint. The crystal hanging from the bottom is a Swarovski pendant. There are a couple of combs glued to the back to secure it to the wig, which is an Alex in misty white from Coscraft.

14th March 2022: Once bent into shape, I finished them with metallic acrylic paint and the feathers are glued to a felt lining so they're comfortable to wear.

14th March 2022: I used an identical template for all four bracelets to match the reference, which means the ones on my upper arms aren't large enough to extend all the way round my arm so they have elastic to fill the gap and this ensures they stay in place.

14th March 2022: The bracelets are Worbla pearly art sandwiched around craft foam. The Worbla was ideal to ensure the delicate shapes would be sturdy enough.

14th March 2022: I also made a second piece like this which is stitched to the centre back of the dress

14th March 2022: The edges were then finished with a satin stitch. I decided on rhinestones for the dots in the artwork, Swarovski sell white rhinestones which were perfect.

14th March 2022: For the white swirls further down when the designs stop looking obviously like feathers, I did a quilted design using vilene foam interfacing behind some of the satin.

14th March 2022: For the unicorn and all the other decoration on the bodice, I cut out a base from some felt and glued and stitched everything to that, then could hand sew the felt place on the dress. Felt seemed like a better choice for ensuring hot glue adhered well rather than attaching things directly to the satin and using a separate piece of fabric meant I could experiment and freely stick feathers down (and occasionally rip some off again) without risking damaging the actual dress. The unicorn is carved from foam, sanded with a rotary tool, primed and painted. The rest is all feathers trimmed to shape. I bought a whole selection that included ostrich and variety of goose ones.

14th March 2022: Once I committed to the dye though I could use it for other pieces too so I bought both turquoise and blue dyes and used them to colour the feathers for the costume and I also dyed some of my white satin to act as the base for the HTV to and make the piping, so everything matches.

14th March 2022: I'd wanted to avoid dyeing synthetic material after struggling with my Rikku scarf, so as I was using more duchess satin for the white skirt petals, I initially tried Jacquard dye-na-flow for the blue gradient at the hem, i.e. paint rather than a dye. I was not getting good results on samples though so eventually resorted to iDye poly after all. After I'd dyed the ends of the skirt petals I then hand-finished the bias binding around the edges. The skirt attaches to the hem of the coutil bodice.

14th March 2022: It's then tacked in place to the coutil bodice layer.

14th March 2022: I wasn't looking forward to binding the complicated shapes at the hem so, for some more variety in my hem finishes, I made piping instead and lined the whole piece with more silk organza – I still had some blue from my Alice dress.

14th March 2022: I eventually found some suitable HTV (Siser holographic in sky blue) which still isn't exactly what I envisaged but I found it difficult to find anything in a pale enough shade of blue and the sparkliness is appealing. As a bonus, I found some similar blue iridescent press-on nails which are a nice match to the costume.

14th March 2022: 4. The blue portion at the front was the greatest sticking point for the costume because, while I could have made a stencil and painted the triangle design, had it printed or something, I really wanted it to be properly shiny and iridescent. When I first planned this costume many years ago I was stuck since there's seemingly no metallic fabric similar enough and creating it by hand would involve cutting out and attaching far too many triangles individually. Having filed this project idea away, I somehow came back to it and realised heat transfer vinyl might be a solution. Definitely inspiration from many cosplayers and their Cricuts! Although it was tedious, since I only needed to cover a relatively small area and it's simply straight lines, I just sliced it up by hand with a ruler and dual craft knife (i.e. two strapped together to make the parallel cuts). As a lockdown project it made sense; probably not so much in any other context.

14th March 2022: Instead of just a facing for those front pieces though, I also decided to line the whole thing in the organza, which was also a convenient way to finish the edges of the petals at the hem (I'd originally thought I'd use bias binding for that, like on the rest of the skirt). The pronounced v-shape is the centre back.

14th March 2022: The outermost white bodice layer is duchess satin from Minerva Crafts. For the blue diamonds down the left-hand side, although applique might have been easiest, I wanted to have cutouts letting a blue layer beneath show through, so to achieve that there needed to be a facing to finish the edges. This was fiddly but I do like the results. I used some spare silk organza because I'd read it works well as an interfacing (particularly for satin which might not cooperate with fusible) and it seemed to give a crisp edge when I tested it out. The points are then handstitched together to close up the seam.

14th March 2022: 1. I started out with Kwik Sew 3516, adjusted it into more of a v-neck and lowered the back, which did make getting a good fit more challenging, but I made sure to include a waist stay which was very effective. I also moved the zip to the left side seam to keep it clear of all the decoration on the dress. Particularly due to all the different layers of this dress I went through several mock-ups.

The bodice has a cotton lining, made from one of the bed sheets I was using for mock-ups. There's then a layer of coutil (pictured) with channels for spiral steel boning. These layers make a normal complete bodice, ending at the hip, to act as a foundation for the dress to be attached to.

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 21st March 2022
This was great at Minami, looking forward to pictures.
There's so many different textures, it looks like a lot of fun to make. Great idea with the holo HTV too.