Danger room (Human Form) - X-men [comic book version]

In Progress


Ha! I Started this costume so long ago it was before we could add journal entries!

Its official that i will now be poor over christmas!
however Coscraft can delight in the fact that they will have all of my money (and part of my soul)

Update 02/06/08

because i couldnt get this Finished for bristol comics or may mcm expo this costume is TEMPORARILY put back to planned, i wont be working on this one for a while because i have other costumes that i want to get finished first,


Cant Wait to do this, i've been wanting to do it for sooooooo long but haventy been able to con anyone else into doing x men with me,

Update 06/03/08

have bought plastic for the armour and several pieces for the hair,
i need to but another 20 kilos of polyform and a black bodysuit before i can really start
i'll also be making a face cast of myself to make the mask fit perfectley

Update 14/03/08

half way through my propotype face mask,
the reason i wanted to do a prototype out of plasticine is to see how i would mould the plastic around the face and what shapes i wanted, rather than having to figure it out on moultan plastic,

its coming along well and i hope to make a start on the shoes and gloves this weekend, i have all the pieces to make the base as well as the paint pigment for the latex, i wont be painting any of this until the last piece has been moulded, then i'll be painting all the sections together to insure an even coverage and decent color match

UPDATE: 16/04/08

with mikes help, i have made the plastic base for the bodice and have all the bits now for the shoes and gloves, with only 4 weeks left i really REALLY need to pull my finger out and get a move on, CI's "Tofu" have given me a link to an amaizing seller of crin that do every colour you can think of but i'm not sure that they can deliver in time (*crisis approaches*)
i need to buy some insoles and some rubber shoe soles an then i can build the shoes

starting to worry a bit about time but am hopeing i can make it

Sands posted on 1 February, 2008 - 21:13
I cannot WAIT to see this! Which Xmen series is this from? looks like the newer style so Im guessing Ultimate, but I remember the danger room or "Danger" appearing in astonishing xmen, I know shes in the 3rd series of Astonishing Xmen....yes Im that geeky... ANYWAY, Im so excited to see this, its going to look amazing and im going to completely fan girl you. p.s. I want to do a nightcrawler cosplay so when you want to do this let me know as Il try and whip up a nightcrawler to go with you :)

Amy-Lou posted on 4 March, 2008 - 16:20
Delusional and I are doing X-Men (probably for Expo), come play with us :D This is going to look awesome!!

Anonymous posted on 6 March, 2008 - 16:17
oh wow! i cant wait to see this! its gonna look awesome!!!

ryaoki posted on 7 March, 2008 - 17:10
WUUU you was telling me about this hun its gonna be awsome

GunstarVixen posted on 13 March, 2008 - 16:54
the prototype looks awesome!! Can't wait to see the finished product!

stripey_dani posted on 13 March, 2008 - 18:04
Ahhhhh another amazing costume! Cant wait to see this!

Ikkaku-kun posted on 13 March, 2008 - 18:42
Thats just the proto O.o .... *dies* lol

Arkayen posted on 3 April, 2008 - 13:45
Thats fantastic sweetie! This means tho I gets to pounce and eats you all up - nomnomnomnomnom! MINE!

Bunni posted on 15 April, 2008 - 20:21
This is gonna look great!!! can't wait to see more pics.

ryaoki posted on 22 April, 2008 - 14:47
omg ive seent he proto in person waaa its soo cooooool

Komapsunida posted on 1 May, 2008 - 19:51
Hhhholy! This looks complicated! Post more pics I'm intrigued!! Hehe thanks for the Chi Chiis tip^-^ I think I'll be resorting to that- then I can go around the Expo like "HEYY! Touch these and weep!" hehe Are you sure you can't make it to May? If not then see you October?? xoxoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous posted on 20 June, 2008 - 11:48
You going to use like cyberhair falls? it looks bad ass so far.

Anonymous posted on 14 November, 2008 - 23:56
Oh wow, this - even as a prototype - looks fantastic, definitely a labour of love!! I would not have the skills nor patience to do something like this... I'm in awe!

Chiharu posted on 4 October, 2010 - 22:44
OMG! This looks A-MAZ-ING. Cannot wait to see this complete!

16th November 2013

The undersuit - test 2

Once the paint is 100% dry, I then put the baking paper face down onto my fabric and ironed the reverse with the iron on high (making sure that the iron didn't touch the fabric as this would have melted straight through)

16th November 2013

The undersuit - test 1

I suck at drawing so having to draw the entire contents of a comic into Lycra was a near on impossible task, I started by tracing directly from the comic into baking paper and then painting with fabric paint over the pencil lines as finely as possible

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