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It is probably a "not-so-smart" idea to always purchase costumes from a professional maker at their "high" price in money, but I work for that money and spend it on cosplay that way anyway. I can NOT create full body cosplays. eBay is my life. I support and adore eBay and their professional cosplay makers.

Though, it would be cheaper to create this suit on my own, I'm not going to try anyway. I can't sew very well, but my grandmother is teaching me.

So, I am purchasing my Sailor Moon outfit from superchinaseller off eBay (for those who are eBay huggers and/or are interested in this outfit) to go along with the Cutie Wand I purchased a year or two ago from the SM R series (Promise of the Rose)

I really want the Super S costume, but I don't have the Moon Spiral Wand like I do the Cutie Wand so I figured I'd start with the SM R series suit to match the Cutie Wand I own. Then I'll purchase my favorite suit of Sailor Moon's, the Super S suit.


electricdino posted on 18 June, 2009 - 10:31
Yay for more Sailor Moon Cosplayers, ^_^ I can't wait to see this.

ShadowAlpha posted on 18 June, 2009 - 18:40
Thank you sensitive-inferno ;)

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Progress Journal

18th June 2009


Sailor Moon cosplay inventory. Excuse my Demyx plush in the background XD

18th June 2009


I have my subtotal for both the SM R series outfit and the Super S series outfit and until I get more work in and get paid next week, I will not have them purchased, but for your enjoyment, I decided to attach a photo with my Mini Moon wand. Yes, she has nothing to do with Sailor Moon cosplay, but it is for "your enjoyment". Plus, I adore this photo. That was when I had long hair -.-; It is short now.

18th June 2009


So far for my Sailor Moon cosplay, I have the Cutie Wand from SM R.