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24th September 2020

So close but no cigar

So bought the Spirit Halloween Proton pack from a friend who no longer is wanting to use it, bought the cyclotron and powercell replacement lenses from BenOfKentProps as well as other stuff for the batteries. Hooked up the wiring ready to put into the Proton Pack once the Frankengeek Cyclotron/Powercell and sound upgrade kit comes through the post once that is bought. Still need to grab a few things more - Spengler Neutrina Wand from GB Afterlife, MDF motherboard (which I will have to import from USA unless I can still reuse the cardboard motherboard), drill bits w/drill, glue gun w/glue sticks, Upgrade parts & stickers (again from BenOfKentProps) and that should be it. I hope that I don't have to solder the wires to the new button for the songs that I have chosen for the proton pack.

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