InuYasha (Half-Demon) - Inuyasha



WORN AT: TnT "Tokyo in Tulsa"

This costume, once it is complete, means a lot to me. It is the first "official" cosplay I ever purchased. As stated before somewhere in my "Sailor Moon" costume section, I do NOT create my cosplays. I purchase them from lovely professionals on eBay who I get good deals from. I merely make the props if I have the tools.

I can NOT create full body cosplay suits. I have not had the practice yet, but was too desperate for a cosplay since my original two I had made MYSELF were stored away. So, I saved my money from a vacation trip and purchased my InuYasha cosplay off eBay. I had already had the Beads of Subjugation from the year 2006 or so.

It was not until now, 2009, did I start to complete the InuYasha outfit. So, three years without my Hanyou finished! D:

I have spent a lot of time on pulling this outfit together, picking areas I will take photos at, working for the money, and trying to convince my friend into purchasing a Kagome outfit :3

I think I am rambling on this now.

Anyway, this outfit would not be complete if not for eBay and my working.

seawaterwitch posted on 13 October, 2009 - 11:01
So Cool ^^ Inuyasha! Can't wait to see your pictures ^^

InuYasha wig with ears.

Total cost: £0.00

12th July 2009


My InuYasha costume came in the other day and I will be wearing it to TNT tomorrow, well...later today. I am up with two other friends right now and we're too excited to sleep. Emily, one of my two friends, is going as her own character named Kinia I will show you. And my second friend, her younger sister, is borrowing my Adeleine costume :)

I am very excited because this is my first convention and I am very thankful that my uncle is obsessed with anime and told me about it. He is actually a character in one of the top leading role plays there too. He he, he gets to boss people around. His kimono is amazing too. If I catch him, I'll show you guys his costume as well.

Yahoo for Tokyo in Tulsa!

1st July 2009


My InuYasha nails came about a week ago, but I never uploaded the picture of them. So, here I am wearing them. Though, you can only see my hand. I promise to snap shots with me completely in the picture. I took this picture in front of my InuYasha poster I got in 2005 or 2006.

18th June 2009


I purchased my InuYasha nails from eBay today and requested over night shipping so they should be in either by tomorrow or Friday. I will snap a picture of both the nails and Beads of Subjugation together. My Fire Rat Cloak is still in the mail coming. I ordered it from China after all -.-;

17th June 2009


I've added the recent photo of InuYasha nails to my InuYasha costume section. I am in desperate need of an InuYasha wig, which I have also explained in my InuYasha costume information. If you know anyway to get a hold of a good replica or even know how to create one, please contact me in private messages or in comments. I seriously need one to complete this outfit. And it would be much appreciated.