Cammy White - Street Fighter

In Progress


Been in a state of wanting to make costumes but not having the motivation to make anything big so decided the best way around it is to try to whip up something quick and easy. Gave my sewing room a clean up and hey assuming I dont cock it up I have just enough to whip up a quick Cammy! ^^ I dont have enough video game costumes.

All the fabric are leftovers, the beret was half finished from another project that was shelved and can make another one later. Already own some spare dance tights and managed to get a eva mat for cheap a few weeks ago ready for when I want to do some prop making.

All I really need at the moment are body paint and a better wig.

LittleCosplayer posted on 25 May, 2020 - 19:47
Big fighting game fan! Especially Street Fighter! I look forward to this!

White Tigress posted on 27 May, 2020 - 01:10
Aww yiss can't wait to get this done!

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