June - 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

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23rd March 2020

Painted Sleeves

Made a first pass with the stencil using Dylon fabric paint in purple. Once that was dry I did a second coat to even out the colour using a small brush. This paint can be heat set with an iron, then it's washable.

22nd March 2020

Pattern Stencil

Used baking paper to sketch out a design that would fit to the sleeves. Once I was happy with the proportions I flipped it over and traced on the other side to transfer the design onto stiff card for the stencil.

29th January 2014

Dress Pattern

The jumper dress is based on New Look 6179 - a raglan sleeve top extended to dress length. This way I can avoid having lots of seams visible and use a soft stretch jersey.

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