Captain Jack Sparrow
Pirates of the Caribbean

Cosplayer: Triforceofdragons

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

23rd April 2020: Baldric Belt Progress 1 Taking a break from the wig to start the actual costume. I ordered a screen-accurate metal belt buckle from Ebay, and when it arrived today I decided to mix some black and silver acrylic paints to get a 'dirty' silver look, to make it more screen-accurate. Once the fabric arrives, I can start making the actual belt as well as the holster for his sword.

19th April 2020: Wig Progress 3 Today I separated the dreadlocks into ones I wanted to paint dark brown, ones I wanted to leave as they were (Jack has a few random pieces lighter than the rest of his hair), and ones I wanted to keep vaguely the same but to darken slightly. I painted all of the ones I wanted to paint a dark brown so that they would be consistent, although I kept all the pieces that were the same colour as the base wig so that they would blend well and I'd have some natural highlights. I also created the three front pieces he has, using a number of beads and trinkets, and some wefts from some black hair I planned to use for the dreads but didn't need. Getting the small; disk onto that small part was haaard... Tomorrow, I'm going to paint the remaining dreads, then neaten everything up ready to start attaching it to the base wig. I can't wait to see how this all looks when put together!

18th April 2020: Wig Progress 2 Today I made the dreadlocks - there's 16 in total, all various shades which I plan to paint over tomorrow to make them more consistent. To make these I used the cut wig fibres from the day before, as well as a number of clip in extensions of various brown shades, as well as some blonde as he has a blonde section in the later movies. To get them into shape I got bundles of loose hair and made them tacky with some watered down PVA glue, then twisted them into shape, before setting with a hair dryer. They look a bit obvious right now, but I'm hoping that the paint job will make them look a little better. Then I trimmed any flyaway pieces that I hadn't caught with the glue. Tomorrow I'm going to paint them to a dark-brown/black shade.

17th April 2020: Wig Progress 1 As I'm now on furlough for the foreseeable future, what better time to start working on a new cosplay!

I took a basic, long dark brown wavy wig from Amazon to use as my base. I cut it to around shoulder-length - more length will be added later when I make and glue the dreadlocks - before thinning it out all over as it was quite thick. I kept all of the hair I'd cut in the wig bag to use later for the dreadlocks, and maybe even the facial hair.

Now, I'm going to spend some time researching his dreadlocks - what colours they are, how many, where abouts they're positioned, and then get started on making those hopefully tomorrow.