Cobra Commander (Resolute Helmet Version) - G.I.Joe: Resolute




The reason for this cosplay must sadley stay a secret until the time of the convention (don't want to ruin the fun now do I?) however i can say that i will try not to dissapoint any hardcore G.I.Joe fans as i'm going as far as to watch the original series to get the voice acting and character down (lol Starscream who knew?)

The reason for attempting this particular version of the character is that he has a new slick modern design while still keeping major elements from the original incarnation such as the distinct helmet and colour scheme.

I will be trying to keep it as close the design as possible while attempting to make it look a bit more real (like a actual military uniform) one or two parts of the costume throw me off a bit like what to make the black gloves and boots?, Is the mask reflective or mat? If anyone has any thoughts feel free to talk (especially you G.I.Joe folk this is for you after all XP)

Hopefully this will go well...maybe i should try and convince people to join Cobra while i'm at it.


Anonymous posted on 16 June, 2009 - 20:58
Good to see you're here at last, dear boy! Alas, Mr. Commander is far less evil than the vile wrath of Skeletor!

Stella Wolf posted on 17 June, 2009 - 17:42
we'll see about that...then again some of yours is already done...

Timber The Table Slayer posted on 20 September, 2009 - 23:30
hmm...It seem's like my plan is comeing to gever nicely.

Progress Journal

20th June 2009


O.k so while sitting around and do nothing in the early hours of this mornin' i decided to try and make a quick paper/bowl mock up of the helmet...and it actually ended up working. SO with this astonishing triumph inspiring me i think i'm going to try and make the actualy helmet tomorrow, but i'm still rather perplexed on how i'll make the face covering bit...considering i need to see. Anyway i consider this to be in progress now as i've actually made a piece...albeit a test piece but NAFF OFF this is my first independant work going on here XP