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Planned for CosXpo 2020.

Avexis is a minor NPC in Dragon Age: Inquisition, who appears in Haven to assist the efforts of the Inquisition. Her backstory is told in Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker, which takes place almost twenty years prior to Inquisition, and in the intervening years Avexis has been made tranquil by the Circle of Magi, to reduce the risk of possession and to ensure that she cannot lose control of her magic.

Avexis wears the robes of the Circle of Magi, a costume that has been seen (with some slight variation) in Dragon Age 2 and (with greater differences) in Dragon Age: Origins, which indicates that either the style changes have occurred over time or that the robes vary from Circle to Circle, so I'm not terribly concerned with perfect matches in fabric. That said, the green and gold-striped look has carried through two games, so I intend to have some custom fabric made for this piece to try to keep the over-all effect of the costume.

I've broken it down into the following layers:
Cold-shoulder style under shirt - wine linen
Under-skirt - Damask/brocade poly-cotton
Tunic - Silk dupion and fur trim
Epaulettes and collar - Craft foam/leather
Bodice - Cotton drill lining and silk dupion shell
Belt - Leather and 3D build

Since Avexis is Tranquil and no longer has access to magic, a staff is not necessary, so I plan to make a Tome of the Inquisition as her main prop, and can add plants, potions, etc. as time permits.

Work in progress and images on my blog: https://thenightsofnym.wordpress.com/2020/01/28/circle-mage-robes-part-one

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7th February 2020
Wine linen
Fit sleeves
3rd February 2020
7th February 2020
Cut and pin
5th February 2020
14th February 2020
Green Damask, petrol cotton, gold piping
Cut and pin
11th February 2020
9th February 2020
14th February 2020
27th February 2020
Cotton drill; petrol cotton; gold bias tape; gold piping; lacing; grommets.
16th February 2020
23rd February 2020
Cut and pin
22nd February 2020
Sew piping
20th February 2020
Sew on gold trim
27th February 2020
9th March 2020
Green gold-stripe faille; gold piping; fur
1st March 2020
Cut and pin
4th March 2020
7th March 2020
Sew on fur trim
9th March 2020
Epaulettes and collar
12th March 2020
2mm craft foam or wet-molded leather
12th March 2020
11th March 2020
10th March 2020
16th March 2020
3D printed pieces; leather; rivets; D-rings and spring clips.
3D build
14th March 2020
15th March 2020
16th March 2020
30th March 2020
Will require either spliced wigs or wig and bald cap for side cut.
Tranquil brand
15th February 2020

Total cost: £0.00

24th March 2020

Underskirt Dyeing

I bought some green and gold brocade last year to make my underskirt and had put it aside in preparation but while I was sorting and re-organising my fabric inventory over the weekend, I came across several meters of something I must have bought the previous year, with this cosplay in mind and completely forgot about. It's actually a much closer match in pattern to my source, so I'm going to swap it in and use the brocade for something else. It needed a bit of colour correcting, though, so it's been through the machine with a tub of Dylon's emerald green to deepen the shade a little. The left-hand side is the original and the right the dyed.

9th March 2020

Patterning - Tunic and underskirt

I had planned to cut up my chemise pattern for the tunic, but I've ended up working on this while visiting family and have nothing on hand! I'm not entirely sold on the way I've put the tunic together but with spring events already rescheduling for later in the year, it's looking like I'll have plenty of time to figure it out.

11th February 2020

Sewing - Chemise

I'm about as far along with this as I can get for the moment. I'll be keeping the sleeves pinned on until I'm ready with the tunic and I like to do all my hems together at the end of the project, but otherwise, all the panels are sewn together and fully French seamed. No word as yet when I can expect my custom fabric for the tunic, so my next job is the underskirt.

4th February 2020

Patterning - Chemise

It took some trial and error to get the sleeves sorted out but I'm finally happy with how this is looking. Next step - taking it all apart again!

11th January 2020

Character board

The gold-striped fabric is going to have to be custom made and I think I've found some suitable alternatives for the under-skirt and bodice. It appears that a cold-shoulder style chemise is worn underneath, and I have some wine-coloured linen in inventory that should do the job. https://thenightsofnym.files.wordpress.com/2020/01/character-board-avexis-300dpi-original.png

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