Asirpa - Golden Kamuy


Asirpa is an absolute gurning maniac and a complete joy to cosplay.

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23rd November 2019

The trim is on

This took a while to get right

23rd October 2019

And the back

But not as long as this!

23rd October 2019

Embroidery is time-consuming

I can't believe how long I've been doing this now

22nd October 2019

Time to sleep

The trim is going on very nicely but it's nearly four in the morning.

22nd October 2019


It worked fine? Making it made sense of how it's actually tied. What a RELIEF

22nd October 2019


They're on my feet!

21st October 2019

Ehhhh I'm not super satisfied with these

But there's only so many hours in the day.

20th October 2019

Not long left now...

Trying to quickly plot out a design for the gloves

20th October 2019

Choker's done

For once something was straightforward and went right first time?

20th October 2019

Also took longer than expected!

Spent an hour just grooming and trimming my Rem wig.

20th October 2019


Made the main part of the gloves. Made them wrong. These decorations should work on the next round though...

19th October 2019

That took a while!

I'm not the most practiced embroiderer...

17th October 2019

Acrylic, water, patience

Darkened the cogs to blend them with the studs.

9th October 2019

The waiting game sucks. Let's play Hungry Hungry Hippos!

Why can't I have Thursday's post TODAY? Still need more purple thread before I can continue.

8th October 2019

Urgh THIS bit at last

Staying hydrated while I plan the appliqué for the attus

7th October 2019

Dammit purple thread

Made most of the kimono. Totally ran out of purple. Can't finish - INFURIATING

7th October 2019

Not as wide as I thought?

My wife shows me the amount she thinks I should trim out of the attus

3rd October 2019

This is ridiculous

Okay who's stared at Asirpa's character design for long enough to notice this? The tiny gold details on her choker appear to be backed with red enamel. Scrap paper, Mod Podge, iridescent topcoat - and some cheap cogs I bought off eBay by weight.

2nd October 2019

The cloak takes shape

Compared to Fushi this is nice and straightforward to be honest. I did bother to make a pattern though!

1st October 2019

At Least Something's Done

Finished the cloak pin~

1st October 2019

Before and After

The tea staining has worked! The boots won't look so modern and artificial now.

30th September 2019

Nice Cup And A Sit Down

Testing different tea stains for her boots

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