Poison Ivy (Mash-up) - Batman

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2nd November 2019

Suit and gloves

The gloves look darker than they really are in this pic, they're actually olive green and match the 'bodice'. I'm probably going make ivy-leaf garters and cuffs at some point.

2nd November 2019

Killer heels

Green glitter ombré stripper heels, absolute femme fatale footwear if ever I saw it. My take on Ivy isn't subtle :)

2nd November 2019


Emeralds, the finest that Ebay can sell.

2nd November 2019


If this doesn't say 'poison' I don't know what does.

2nd November 2019

Cape Mk 1

It took a while to get the cut to drape right, capes aren't as easy to make as they look. I've since added a stand-up collar and started adding ivy leaves.

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